Tuesday, 27 December 2011

When four generations get together..!

I had a very busy Christmas weekend as you can see below. I just love my family and the get together was a great way to end 2011. Story below courtesy of the New Straits Times :)

BATU KIKIR: If you have ever been to a sleepy hollow called Batu Kikir in Negri Sembilan in the 70s, you might have visited a shop belonging to the late Haji Abdul Hamid Bin Haji Ismail.

At this shop he made a variety of songkok to be used daily by his customers or even for special occasions. If not for the songkok, you might have visited his shop to post letters or packages for he was the postal service representative before there was an offical Post Office in town. Of Minang blood, the quiet and slim man was also know as Cikgu Hamid to some for before he opened up his songkok business, he was a religious teacher to many.

To commemorate his passing 30 years ago, 200 of his descendants met up in Batu Kikir over the weekend for the inaugural get-together of family members.

Initiated through a formal discussion in facebook by his grandchildren, the get-together took three months of planning and preparataion which culminated in the gathering of four generations - eight remaining sons and daughters of 10 who Haji Abdul Hamid fathered, their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

The eldest is Haji Baharuddin who turned 78 on Saturday while the youngest is a 2-month old baby - the latest grandchild of the late Haji Abd Aziz, Haji Abdul Hamid's second child.

The two-day event kicked off with a tahlil and a "cukur jambul" ceremony on Saturday and a telematch on Sunday.

The chairman of the family day, Haji Ramli Haji Abdul Hamid - the fourth child of Haji Abdul Hamid - said he was grateful and happy that family members made the effort to attend especially the younger generation.

"I hope this will be a start for them to get to know each other better and forge closer ties. It will be great if they could share stories and inspire each other," he said.

He proudly pointed out that among Haji Abdul Hamid's descendants, there are teachers, businessmen, lawyers and engineers. In fact, they are especially proud of Dr Ezani Monoto Md Monoto - the daughter of Haji Abdul Hamid's third daughter - who is vying to be the first winner of cooking competition Masterchef Malaysia.

Haji Ramli hopes to organise another family day next year.

Read more: 4 generations meet up in Batu Kikir - General - New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/local/general/4-generations-meet-up-in-batu-kikir-1.24372##ixzz1hj5LO7aK

Friday, 9 December 2011

Ever wish for a Photo-Free Vacation?

See the photo of those ferry tickets up there? It is the only photo of the trip I recently took to Pangkor Island with the family -- we went for the school holidays.

And why is it the ONLY picture I have, you might ask. Because my BlackBerry DIED on me! okay, okay..to be fair, it did not like die totally. The screen just decided it too needed a vacation (someone said I overused my Baby Torchy... I do not! I'm just popular in the mobile world...hold the boos please..!!)

You're probably thinking: why didn't she bring a camera then. Yes, as many of my friends would know, I am a proud owner of a Nikon DSLR who hasn't gone past auto mode despite having the camera for more than a year (fail..as, my daughter would put it). But I figured with all but one family member owning a phone with camera, why bring the clunky thing? Then it happened...

First, it was a blue flicker here and there. Then it went blank sporadically. Take out the battery, said my BBM group members.. I did and Baby Torchy gave me some false hope for a bit. Then when we were about to land on Pangkor Island, it went poof!

And there I was with a BB making all manner of sounds: incoming SMS, BBM alerts, Facebook updates - but absoloutely nothing to look at. I must have missed more than half of what the whole of KL was gossiping..errrr..updating each other about!!

And other members of the family? They were on holiday and no one was bugging them to pose here and there..they were literally in heaven!

Once I got back to KL, I went to Brighstar BB service centre in Plaza Berjaya the first free moment I had. I thought they'd give me a replacement to use while Baby Torchy went to Singapore to get fixed (she's still under warranty) but NO! They wouldn't give me one.

So, I marched to the next mobile phone booth with my 3G SIM card and demanded to buy the cheapest phone they had - there was a RM69 Auntie phone, they said. I said: don't you have one for RM50 and tried to persuade the chubby salesman to do away with his commission. Another NO..

That was that then.. since Baby Torch is still away, I am now a proud owner of a GSM Auntie phone which still has its see-through screen cover on (am thinking of selling it second hand on Mudah). I can only make and receive calls and write and read text. No bluetooth..nothing else nada.. don't BBM me, y'hear!!

Not till Baby Torch make her way back to me.. I miss u, babeh!!

By the way, we stayed at Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort on Pasir Bogak.. I liked it..

Friday, 25 November 2011

Spain and Serkam Part II

If you remember in my post titled Spain and Serkam Part I , I promised I would talk about my Melaka trip..after a trip to Malaga (I thought it was amusing..you know, Malaga - Melaka..whatever). Anyway, here it is - Part II.
So, anyway, (as I mentioned), it was a road trip with 6 other journalists on a Mayflower Bas Persiaran to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Mahkota in Merlimau. The host was Intel and the event the company's Enter aje! campaign.
Now, my knowledge up till then of Melaka was restricted to Bandar Hilir. So, getting to this school in Serkam was an adventure. Off the PLUS hiway, backroads of Merlimau, rubber estate (or so I thought..), on to Halal Hub kinda place and, lo and behold, the school.
Didn't know what to expect. After the VIPs went yada yada yada, the kids put on a show for the Intel folks. Used to glitzy gambits in 5 or even 6 star hotels (yawnn..), I didn't know what to expect. But with just one week to prepare, they put on quite a good show that would put the local productions on TV (talking terrastrial here..) to shame.


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Checking in

Oh, wow.. it's been months since I was last here. I can practically see cobwebs.. Spiderman would feel at home..What's my excuse? A hectic schedule (or, rather, a non-schedule..betcha u also have one of these).

 In case, you're wondering why I haven't been blogging, it's because I've been busy elsewhere (clue: follow @technst on twitter and checkout TechNST on facebook).

And don't bother me between 9-10pm on Saturday to Wed as I'm busy tuning in to Masterchef Malaysia to watch my cousin in action. She's really good, I hope she wins. The whole family is rooting for her.
Doktor Gigi

I've also done a lot of scrounging around on the Net and found some gems:
Creators of AlphaKimori

Co-founder of Elusys (pix courtesy of NST)

I'm hoping to find more. If you know some interesting people on the tech/Web/social media scene, you know what to do..

Okay, signing off now to go put on my other hats. See you soon...(I hope).

Friday, 23 September 2011

The World Has Indeed Changed!

Read with interest this morning the Cisco Connected World Technology Report 2011 that probed what the next-generation thinks about the Internet. Some of the key findings to both my amusement and chagrin...

·         Air, Water, Internet: One of every three college students and employees surveyed globally (33%) believes the Internet is a fundamental resource for the human race – as important as air, water, food and shelter. About half (49% of college students and 47% of employees) believe it is “pretty close” to that level of importance. Combined, four of every five college students and young employees believe the Internet is vitally important as part of their daily life’s sustenance.
·         Life’s Daily Sustenance: More than half of the respondents (55% of college students and 62% of employees) said they could not live without the Internet and cite it as an “integral part of their lives.”
·         The New Way to Get Around: If forced to make a choice between one or the other, the majority of college students globally – about two out of three (64%) – would choose an Internet connection instead of a car.
·         First Love: Two out of five college students surveyed globally (40%) said the Internet is more important to them than dating, going out with friends, or listening to music.
·         Social Life 2.0: Whereas previous generations preferred socializing in person, the next generation is indicating a shift toward online interaction. More than one in four college students globally (27%) said staying updated on Facebook is more important than partying, dating, listening to music, or hanging out with friends.

What have we created..?

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Do you remember?

Pictures of the Twin Towers in New York City are everywhere today as we ponder on the September 11 incident that happened 10 years ago.
Picture by Greg Semendinger of the NYPD (from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8508817.stm)
At that precise moment in time, I was in my living room in Glasgow, Scotland with my mom, daughter (then 3 yrs old) and my husband MrA. I had just completed my Masters degree and we were all packed up to come back to Kuala Lumpur. We were planning to take RyanAir (low-cost flight) from Prestwick to London on the September 17 and then from Heathrow, home to KL.

But as the events unfolded post-incident, the plans went topsy-turvy. Firstly, all flights were not on schedule even domestic. Security was on high alert..even handbags need to be checked in. This was not good news for a Malaysian student and family leaving the UK for good. Especially when my daughter was still on diapers and relying heavily on milk for sustenance.

So, MrA decided we should just give up the flight tickets from Prestwick and decided to rent a car to Heathrow. Nevermind, that he had to drive us and all our worldly belongings for 8 long hours. Just as long as we had the assurance that we could get to Heathrow on time.

At Heathrow, there was uncertainty as many flights were cancelled. Our flight was at 2pm but we were already lining up at the counter 4 hours before. Lucky for us we were the first and we had no problem checking in -- perhaps it was my daughter's adorable face (yes..let Mama indulge) that got us through.

But at customs we were given a thorough once-over..was it because of our Muslim names, I wonder? Anyway, I could understand the paranoia. But when the officer decided to look into my daughter's diapers for suspect items, it was a wee bit much. Of course, we got through and I'm sure the officer was relieved that there wasn't anything in her diapers either.

Once we got into the gate area, we were shocked. Not one of the flights listed for the day was confirmed and many were cancelled especially those to US. People were lying around everywhere and were walking towards the boards to check out flights every few  minutes. We ended being there for close to five hours before our flight was ready for boarding. Timely too as our ration for diapers were dwindling and there wasn't much on offer in terms of food. But we got home safe, Alhamdulillah.

Prior to that, we had no problem travelling from one country to another - we did quite a bit of Europe without the slightest hassle. But since then, travelling is not that pleasant - just ask anyone who have been to countries that eye Muslims and Asians with suspicion. Especially those in my profession.

That day in 2001 changed it all.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

You've Been Hacked!

Today, for the lack of excitement (yaaa..many people on leave and the whole of Selangor must be thronging Jln TAR) , I decided to plan for  a long weekend get-away. Clicked here and there, checked for prices, looked for attractions and kid-friendly holiday sites (the bane of all parents..sigh..not the kids but rather a holiday venue that would humour them..).

I finally found some possibilities to suit my budget (think forward spending...). So I decided to check my daughter's school schedule to see whether the dates I was considering would fit in ie no co-curriculum filled weekends, no tests or exams anywhere near the dates. To my shock and dismay,  instead of what I was expecting, I found this on the school website:
Republic Of Indonesia
Kalashnikov - Newbie_043 - Vegasus - r1pp3rm4ya - Hmei7
Moeslem H4x0r - Indonesia H4x0r
Contact me :
In blazing red some more!

I was rather exasperated (I was on a mission, 'kay!!) and so I went on facebook and found the school's official page and reported on the wall.

A little after 3pm I went back to the school's website:

And it was up and running -- hurray!

 And on the facebook page there was a little message: "Laman web ini diserang pada jam 8.59 pagi ini... dikesan/dimaklumkan jam 12.28 ptg... kembali sedia kala jam 1.05 ptg.. laman web sekolah telah ditingkatkan tahap keselamatan untuk mengelakkan kejadian berulang.."
What prompt action! Kudos to the administrator and tech team.

All this got me thinking - who hacked the website and why a school's website? To mark a celebration of a neighbouring country? Because you can?


Saturday, 6 August 2011

Spain and Serkam Part 1

When I started this blog, I knew that there'll be times that I would lapse. But I didn't know how bad until an old friend, Encik Zainal, my coursemate cum monitor from my Universiti Pertanian Malaysia days, pointed it out when he finally subscribed this morning. If you're wondering whether that is a rogue university, it's not..that was what Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang was called in my days..but I digress..

Anyway, I have no excuse for not clocking in here except for the fact that I was away a lot. As a tech journo, the events  and interviews you get to cover are often here in Kuala Lumpur. I think I've been to all hotels in this metropolitan city and in my retirement in later life, I could be a mean (in the good sense, of course) cab driver.

But in mid-June, a trip to Spain landed in my lap..my editor asked me whether I wanted to go to Melaka, and I ho-hummed asking whether it was an overnighter. Then he said Malaga, Spain and the assignment was a Security Summit by Kaspersky Lab.  Images of matadors and such came to mind but it was meeting Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO and interviewing him that intrigued me.
So, off  I went.

Attended the seminar..

Saw the bullfight..

Met Mr Kaspersky.. (By the way, he's seen here chatting with COO Eugene Buyakin.. err..what is it with the first name and top posts in the company? )

And, of course, interviewed him. You can read the interview here.

What struck me most about the trip was how close-knit the people I met were - Mr Eugene Kaspersky and his posse - open, easy-going and fun when having fun. But serious, passionate  and spot-on when discussing what they are serious about. It felt very real, which was actually refreshing.

So, when that trip ended, I came back and wrote the stories and was sent out of Kuala Lumpur in July to Melaka for real this time. It was a road trip with 6 other journalists in a Mayflower Bas Persiaran to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Mahkota in Merlimau. The only area that I frequent in Melaka  like all tourist is Bandar Hilir.  The host was Intel and the event the company's Enter aje! campaign.

But that's a story for another post..

Friday, 17 June 2011

Happy Fathers' Day, Abah!

When I was a young child, my Abah was always away from home -- at university doing his first degree when he was already a working adult, and later at Stanford University doing his Masters (we, the family, was with hime at that time). He was constantly away doing this research and that research throughout his career in the education field. I would like to think a lot of my love for learning, writing and curiosity comes from him (and wanderlust definitely from Mak!)

So, after many years of retirement, it was no surprise that Abah at 69 last year took the decision to pursue a PhD. Not only at any university but online Asia e University (AeU)., dual-mode multinational university. His area of study centering on something very close to his heart - loosely described: something on the management of public schools in Malaysia. AeU had a scheme for senior citizens and he was raring to go. With his love affair with the Internet and passion for the topic, it was fantastic to see him "come alive" again.

But now, some months down the road, Abah is at a crossroad.. he has second thoughts to continue with his new adventure. Not because of the hard work that entails such a project but rather because of the bewildering mobile broadband service that is hampering the process. Time and again he would call us the children to help him out with the erratic connections and the complexities of getting customer service to respond.

He had earlier on terminated the fixed broadband service he had at home because of its inconsistency and went on mobile broadband (courtesy of my SIL, Kak Lili). But mobile wasn't really working for him either. Whenever he had broadband problems, he would call up the service centre and would convey his grievance to the person on duty. But more often than not, such agents launch into geek speak that bewildered and frustrated Abah. And they were constantly telling him in the consultations, could he please get somebody who could understand what they were saying. Clearly they were talking down to him and seem to be thinking that he was some helpless and illiterate senior citizen.

So, slowly, the fire in him is getting snuffed out -- thanks to the competencies of these customer service aka helpline agents. If online learning creates opportunities for continued learning, online communications service is clearly something else.

My Abah has been quiet this past few weeks - mulling his options on whether to continue with the course or not. I know he doesn't want to throw in the towel and he doesn't want to accept defeat. But the challenge technical-wise is proving to be a bit much for him. Members of his family are all proud of him for having even the courage to embark on the initiative. And for us, it is not a sign of failure should he decide to discontinue. I hope he sees it like that too..

Whatever you decide, I'm behind you 100 per cent, Abah. Your courage, dedication  tenacity and lust for life is something I hope to emulate and take with me wherever I may land in life. Obstacles and roadblocks do not make you a lesser person. And shame on us younger ones who think that of an older person.

I wish you many more adventures in the coming years and I hope to continue to share them with you. Happy Fathers" Day, Abah!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

BBM Me :))

Guys, this is new to me..maybe not for you. Apparently, you do not stand a chance of getting anywhere with a girl if she gives you her mobile phone number. But if you get her BlackBerry PIN, you are in the running, bro!

These were the wise words imparted by Jason Lo, CEO of mobile prepaid service provider Tune Talk at the launch of  its new BlackBerry prepaid service on Tuesday. 

And you know why? Apparently with  text messaging (SMS) the most you get is an exchange of one or two lines with the lady. But with the BlackBerry Messenger, you could just be shooting off 50 messages at each other at one sitting without even realising it. You could sneak into her mind and mess with her brains just like that, said the seemingly experienced Mr Lo.

Being relatively new to the BB scene (ahemm..my babe's a Torch, y'all), I can truly relate to the BBM bit - tho not in getting the girl part. Tho, I don't use the prepaid service from Tune Talk which is said to be the cheapest around so far (yes, Mr Lo, I will go check the truth of your lecture -- that we're all overpaying here in Malaysia..), I am very attached to my BB and am on it nite and day and having a grand time gossiping..let me rephrase that, discussing the issues of the world with my pals!

Jason Lo (right) with  BlackBerry Country manager Y.S Tam at the launch of Tune Talk's BlackBerry service.

By the way, with such apparently cheap service, those who are looking forward to the PlayBook - the tablet from BlackBerry should be happy to know that they could have their cake and eat it too. According to  BlackBerry country manager Y.S. Tam, the gadget will be coming to Malaysia soon in the July timeframe at a competitive price.

Ooohh..how exciting!

Monday, 30 May 2011

If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On..

My husband, Mr A, has decided to learn how to play the piano - by ear. This comes in the midst of the kids preparation for the coming ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) practical exams, which will take place next week on June 8.

I don't know what sparked the sudden interest..(whether it was truly sudden or a dream from childhood, I can't really say) but last Friday, I came home from work to a living room filled with printouts from http://www.pianobychords.com/. And a man hammering away at the keys..

He immediately bombarded the kids with all sorts of questions about chords and what not to their amusement. And, throughout the weekend, proceeded to try out songs like Imagine, Let It Be and Hotel California (yup..you guessed it..he's from that generation).

Whole Tones, Half Tones, Slash Chords..on and on he went while the kids defied all orders on practicing their piano pieces - preferring Epic Battle Fantasy and Fanfiction.

By Sunday, Mr A playing got to a decent level, so the kids say. And Mr A now has a better appreciation of the complexity of piano playing and a greater respect of our kids' skills. A common ground has been reached..!!

All we need now is singer to complete the picture (because, frankly, we all suck at that). Any takers??

Friday, 20 May 2011

Doing Well, Old Friend..

Today, during lunch hour, I spent my time doing what most parents do when their children are about to sit for exams..go to the nearest bookshop and buy cartloads (I exaggerate here..) of reference books. The store I visited was CzipLee in Bangsar.

I've seen the store before but I have never visited it because a) I would have to step out of the air-con comfort of one of my favourite malls to get there and b) mmm..I simply had no reason to. Of course, today there was reason enough..I must get all the ammunitions for my offsprings to score all the As they need to survive the education system (I can just imagine the young ones rolling their eyes at this point!)..

Anyway, as I went about looking for books, I was reminded of a very "happening" bookshop in the quaint (then) little town of Kajang where I spent part of  my childhood. Chip Lee of Kajang..

Those who lived around the area circa 1979 (gasp!! okay, okay..I went to SK Jalan Bukit 1 during my upper primary..a very "unglamorous" school as compared to Convent Kajang) would remember that apart from satay and mee hailam and mee bandung..Kajang had a name for not only having one, but two Chip Lee bookshops . Quite a feat for a small town back then, you know.

One store was for books, the other stationery. The bookshops were located behind another great institution -- Great Wall SuperMarket, the shopping haven of those residing in Kajang, Bangi and Semenyih (no Putrajaya or Cyberjaya then.. and Serdang was provincial!!). Want to find textbook, Chip Lee was the place..reference book, sure.. and those many, many pens, paper and pencil..oh, so heavenly..

As it turned out CzipLee is actually Chip Lee all grown up! And now there's CzipLee Kajang AND Bangsar. And the Bangsar one is just as good as the Chip Lee of olden days..

And check this out..It has a website with Facebook and Twitter presence. And it's also on FourSquare. And there's that barcode thingy (I have yet to learn how this barcode thingy can benefit me). Also there's a choice of a Plus and Lite versions.

Those folks who were customers in Kajang would certainly  be happy to know that on CzipLee site, you can actually shop online and make online payment to get whatever books they need. No need to brave the horrendous traffic of Kajang or Bangsar when you need a good read.

My, my..it's certainly nice to know that there are things that I grew up with still surviving..and doing well. Well done, old friend.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Of Celeb Moms and Babes..

In my line of work, I bump into celebs and "famous" (an arguable term, indeed) people quite a lot. No..I don't claim to be bosom buddies with any and no, they don't really know me personally either. I'm just a media person most of the time. And meeting people in such categories is normally just another day's work for me...

But last week, I had an experience that left me quite starstruck. I went to the launch of a new e-store, BuggyBabyBoogie.

So, you may think, there're gazillions of websites selling baby stuff on the Net. But not many helmed by local TV personality and supported by celeb moms.. This particular one is helmed by Sheahnee Iman Lee of ntv7 news and hubs Naz.

And...?? (You're thinking..)

Well, the story is the e-store originated from Sheahnee and Naz's quest for the perfect playpen for their little Zara..a journey that took them to Australia (online).
The pain of getting it shipped over and the cost involved got Sheahnee thinking she could do this. She could set up  a store that carries hard-to-find items in Malaysia for moms and babes for like-minded parents.

Then as she brainstormed, Sheahnee thought why not take the idea further. Why not design clothes for pregnant and breastfeeding women. After all, those available here are not exactly flattering and very mumsified (that's my own word..howdya like it?). So, out came sketches of sexy mom dresses with strategic zippers that would cater to discrete feeding times.
Sheahnee with her line of mom dresses.

Daphne Iking wearing one of Sheahnee's creations at the event.

Other than that, Sheahnee decided to revamp the diaperbag. She got friends - celeb moms in their own rights - Sazzy Falak, Daphne Iking and Aishah Sinclair to design their dream diaperbags which will be available on the e-store soon.
Daphne, Sheahnee and Aishah doing a diaperbag demo.

While I was sitting through the whole show-and-tell, I was thinking to myself how do these celebs do it? They all have carried and are carrying their bundles of joy but it doesn't seem they are carrying any battle scars..you know what I mean? I guess, that's why they are who they are and people like yours truly are who we are...*sigh*

Anyway, there are lots of other interesting stuff in the e-store, really. Take the milk bracelet, for instance.  These can actually be used to tell from which breast was your baby fed and at what time last. (I know, guys..too much info here!)

Sheahnee already has customers logging on from all over Malaysia and she wants to take the store regional. With market pull she and hubs and support from her friends, I'm sure it'll happen..and quite soon too.

**This is version 2 of this entry. The first went half missing after some editing.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

H is for Homework

Just the other day, one of my buddies put up a status update on FB  that read: "Help! Daughter's homework not finished coz printer ink ran out. Am so stressed out". The daughter is around 10 or 11, and it was almost 11pm - way past daughter's bed time. Homework has to be submitted the next day and stores are closed.

I couldn't help but chuckle -- not because I found it funny (in fact, it was not funny at all...), but because my friend was in a situation many mothers could find themselves in - including yours truly.

These days homework is all about surfing the Net , making brochures using all sorts of applications, powerpoint presentations and whatnot. And going by experience of those before them, kids these days ALSO wait till the very last minute to complete.

Kids in urban areas are lucky that many households have computers - mine for example, have one for the two kids to share and one spare for backup. Just in case one fails, the other will kick in. There's also the need to have broadband connection - it won't do to send the kids of to the local cybercafe - often  seedy joints with unsavoury characters. So, we invest in broadband..but as we all know, often times when you have the crucial project or paper to hand in, the network is down..for maintenance they say. Or they get so laggy that nothing can be done.

The resident teenager in my household, for one, often waits for me to assist in the last lap of her race..be it printing the brochure on a 100g paper that won't fit in my home printer or wanting to have a presentation be printed in all colour when there is only black ink. Though I kick up a fuss and she gets an earful when it is a last minute request, I do the best I can by driving her top the nearest stationery shop to get things done even though it's just minutes before closing time.

Imagine those others who don't have such facilities. I mean, I do not live a luxurious life and I consider a PC, printer and broadband a necessity. For those who are without, how do they cope?  How do such parents cope with the expectations and demands?  That's certainly food for thought, wouldn't you say, especially as we celebrate this year's Mothers Day..

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Planning a Fruitful Friday?

So what are you planning for Friday, April 29?

Personally, I'll be on leave. Yes, I can see the cogwheels in your brain going here's another kakak going all obsessive over the Royal Wedding - Kate Middleton and Prince William's that is, in case you've been living in a cave. Nope, sorry to burst your bubble, I'm not taking time off to  witness the lovely couple exchange vows. I will be running very important personal errands..TQVM..

But honestly, weddings are lovely. What girl wouldn't love to be swept off her feet by her Prince Charming and walk off into the sunset? Lady Diana Windsor was certainly happy to have just that on her wedding day to Prince Charles (who is Prince William's daddy, by the way). I saw that on TV when many were not even born yet and I also saw Princess Diana's funeral on TV when many were STILL weren't born yet..

Did it cross your mind I might be taking the day off to join the throngs of Apple worshippers get in line with hopes  to be among the first Malaysians who will get their hands on the soon-to-be (very soon, I hear..) offically launched iPad 2? You don't think I am that kind of girl? Hey, I read all about it here.

Anyway, just so you know, once you get your hands on the snazzy, sexy iPad 2, you can actually download the Royal Wedding iPad app  by Neon Play, whose aim is to make some of the most playable and addictive games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.. This is the British company that came up with games like Paper Glider, Flick Football Super Save (have you heard of these?..apparrently they are on UK Top 10 paid apps).

According to CEO of Neon Play Oli Christie, the company is super honoured to provide an app for people who want to know everything there is to know about the upcoming royal shindig. Background of bride and groom from birth to today, the story of their engagement and the big day at Westminster Abbey. The app has family trees for both of them plus the inside on who made Kate’s dress..yada, yada, yada.

My point is, after all this rambling, is that wouldn't it be nice this auspicious Friday to sit down in front of the idiot box with a spanking new iPad 2 in hand scrolling the Royal Wedding app while you watch the actual wedding? I wish...

But word has it all units of iPad 2 available in Malaysia have all been pre-booked and got waiting owners. But don't let me spoil your fun..go ahead and line up for that fun thingimabob and tell me all about it, yah?! By the way, I like apples although they don't really top my list of favourites ;-)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It's now or never..

So, I've finally done it..succumbed to this urge to have my own blog.

After years and years on my day job observing the ins-and-outs of the IT industry in Malaysia (this dates way back to the days when there were no such place as Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, when the only Net connection was dial-up, when the only social network was the IRC chat-rooms, yada yada yada..), I've finally gone and signed up for one. A bit late with twitter, tumblr and what-not are already on the scene, don't you think..

It was at a media session with Mizz Nina (hey! I know who Mizz What-You-Waiting-For Nina is...) that sparked off the interest for real. I was there to interview the fashionista-songstress for a story on twitter, when I met  Chen Tian Chad. I was unfashionably early for a Jalan Conlay do at 9.30am and so was he and so we struck a conversation.

He gave me a card (with Man About Town being one of his self description..) and I gave him mine and the lack of other company got us yakking together in the relatively early morning. Needless to say what transpired was a lot of inspiring on his side and being inspired on mine. So, I went home and created a blog on blogspot with every intention to post something before Justin Bieber came to town.

Alas, Justin Bieber came and went (I heard Mizz Nina opened for him in Kuala Lumpur..is that right?). With paycheck in, I realised the month is ending and that I haven't written a single thing in this blog of mine. And with some 16 years on the beat (aww..now people can gauge my age.), shame on me!

So, here I am and I think I'm about done this time around. I know I should have some pictures on this post but the network is not cooperating.

Au revoir. Let's see if I can keep this up..

Tuesday, 29 March 2011