Friday, 25 November 2011

Spain and Serkam Part II

If you remember in my post titled Spain and Serkam Part I , I promised I would talk about my Melaka trip..after a trip to Malaga (I thought it was know, Malaga - Melaka..whatever). Anyway, here it is - Part II.
So, anyway, (as I mentioned), it was a road trip with 6 other journalists on a Mayflower Bas Persiaran to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Mahkota in Merlimau. The host was Intel and the event the company's Enter aje! campaign.
Now, my knowledge up till then of Melaka was restricted to Bandar Hilir. So, getting to this school in Serkam was an adventure. Off the PLUS hiway, backroads of Merlimau, rubber estate (or so I thought..), on to Halal Hub kinda place and, lo and behold, the school.
Didn't know what to expect. After the VIPs went yada yada yada, the kids put on a show for the Intel folks. Used to glitzy gambits in 5 or even 6 star hotels (yawnn..), I didn't know what to expect. But with just one week to prepare, they put on quite a good show that would put the local productions on TV (talking terrastrial here..) to shame.


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Checking in

Oh, wow.. it's been months since I was last here. I can practically see cobwebs.. Spiderman would feel at home..What's my excuse? A hectic schedule (or, rather, a non-schedule..betcha u also have one of these).

 In case, you're wondering why I haven't been blogging, it's because I've been busy elsewhere (clue: follow @technst on twitter and checkout TechNST on facebook).

And don't bother me between 9-10pm on Saturday to Wed as I'm busy tuning in to Masterchef Malaysia to watch my cousin in action. She's really good, I hope she wins. The whole family is rooting for her.
Doktor Gigi

I've also done a lot of scrounging around on the Net and found some gems:
Creators of AlphaKimori

Co-founder of Elusys (pix courtesy of NST)

I'm hoping to find more. If you know some interesting people on the tech/Web/social media scene, you know what to do..

Okay, signing off now to go put on my other hats. See you soon...(I hope).