Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It's now or never..

So, I've finally done it..succumbed to this urge to have my own blog.

After years and years on my day job observing the ins-and-outs of the IT industry in Malaysia (this dates way back to the days when there were no such place as Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, when the only Net connection was dial-up, when the only social network was the IRC chat-rooms, yada yada yada..), I've finally gone and signed up for one. A bit late with twitter, tumblr and what-not are already on the scene, don't you think..

It was at a media session with Mizz Nina (hey! I know who Mizz What-You-Waiting-For Nina is...) that sparked off the interest for real. I was there to interview the fashionista-songstress for a story on twitter, when I met  Chen Tian Chad. I was unfashionably early for a Jalan Conlay do at 9.30am and so was he and so we struck a conversation.

He gave me a card (with Man About Town being one of his self description..) and I gave him mine and the lack of other company got us yakking together in the relatively early morning. Needless to say what transpired was a lot of inspiring on his side and being inspired on mine. So, I went home and created a blog on blogspot with every intention to post something before Justin Bieber came to town.

Alas, Justin Bieber came and went (I heard Mizz Nina opened for him in Kuala Lumpur..is that right?). With paycheck in, I realised the month is ending and that I haven't written a single thing in this blog of mine. And with some 16 years on the beat (aww..now people can gauge my age.), shame on me!

So, here I am and I think I'm about done this time around. I know I should have some pictures on this post but the network is not cooperating.

Au revoir. Let's see if I can keep this up..


  1. yay have a great start Rozana~! =D
    Lookng forward to read more blogpost

  2. New blog must cheers =D especially promoted by Tian Chad.

  3. Hahah. I admire you, girl!! You go out there and keep this blog alive :)

  4. congrats cik kiah! i will follow youuuu :D

  5. so glad u all dropped by. very honoured indeed :)