Friday, 20 May 2011

Doing Well, Old Friend..

Today, during lunch hour, I spent my time doing what most parents do when their children are about to sit for exams..go to the nearest bookshop and buy cartloads (I exaggerate here..) of reference books. The store I visited was CzipLee in Bangsar.

I've seen the store before but I have never visited it because a) I would have to step out of the air-con comfort of one of my favourite malls to get there and b) mmm..I simply had no reason to. Of course, today there was reason enough..I must get all the ammunitions for my offsprings to score all the As they need to survive the education system (I can just imagine the young ones rolling their eyes at this point!)..

Anyway, as I went about looking for books, I was reminded of a very "happening" bookshop in the quaint (then) little town of Kajang where I spent part of  my childhood. Chip Lee of Kajang..

Those who lived around the area circa 1979 (gasp!! okay, okay..I went to SK Jalan Bukit 1 during my upper primary..a very "unglamorous" school as compared to Convent Kajang) would remember that apart from satay and mee hailam and mee bandung..Kajang had a name for not only having one, but two Chip Lee bookshops . Quite a feat for a small town back then, you know.

One store was for books, the other stationery. The bookshops were located behind another great institution -- Great Wall SuperMarket, the shopping haven of those residing in Kajang, Bangi and Semenyih (no Putrajaya or Cyberjaya then.. and Serdang was provincial!!). Want to find textbook, Chip Lee was the place..reference book, sure.. and those many, many pens, paper and pencil..oh, so heavenly..

As it turned out CzipLee is actually Chip Lee all grown up! And now there's CzipLee Kajang AND Bangsar. And the Bangsar one is just as good as the Chip Lee of olden days..

And check this out..It has a website with Facebook and Twitter presence. And it's also on FourSquare. And there's that barcode thingy (I have yet to learn how this barcode thingy can benefit me). Also there's a choice of a Plus and Lite versions.

Those folks who were customers in Kajang would certainly  be happy to know that on CzipLee site, you can actually shop online and make online payment to get whatever books they need. No need to brave the horrendous traffic of Kajang or Bangsar when you need a good read.

My,'s certainly nice to know that there are things that I grew up with still surviving..and doing well. Well done, old friend.

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