Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I heart Malaysia

Aren't these t-shirts cool? I bought 2 of these at one of the local Giodarno outlets in KL last year (there's also Giodarno in Hong Kong, ok..). I just love anything that screams out love for this beautiful nation of mine. With Hari Merdeka (Independence Celebration) over and done with on August 31, we are now looking forward to Malaysia Day on September 16.

Malaysia Day coincides with Mr A's birthday. He was actually born on the original Malaysia Day which was on September 16, 1963. So, of course this calls for a celebration of sorts. What better way than to have a short break somewhere near, right...NOT!

If you go online on any of the hotel booking portal, you'll probably find that the whole of the September 16 weekend sold out. What with it being a 3-day weekend and Raya at its end. Plus a 3-day weekend in Malaysia is always the perfect time for a wedding. Some more people will be leaving for their Hajj pilgrimage starting from September 17.

Oh, well, for September 16, we do have a Raya Open House invitation to fulfill. I guess we'll just lepak and go do our own thing as usual on our individual tech gadgets. At least, we'll all be in the same house enjoying peace and harmony, perhaps a little disagreement here and there..nothing that can't be fixed with food and a lot of TLC...