Tuesday, 27 December 2011

When four generations get together..!

I had a very busy Christmas weekend as you can see below. I just love my family and the get together was a great way to end 2011. Story below courtesy of the New Straits Times :)

BATU KIKIR: If you have ever been to a sleepy hollow called Batu Kikir in Negri Sembilan in the 70s, you might have visited a shop belonging to the late Haji Abdul Hamid Bin Haji Ismail.

At this shop he made a variety of songkok to be used daily by his customers or even for special occasions. If not for the songkok, you might have visited his shop to post letters or packages for he was the postal service representative before there was an offical Post Office in town. Of Minang blood, the quiet and slim man was also know as Cikgu Hamid to some for before he opened up his songkok business, he was a religious teacher to many.

To commemorate his passing 30 years ago, 200 of his descendants met up in Batu Kikir over the weekend for the inaugural get-together of family members.

Initiated through a formal discussion in facebook by his grandchildren, the get-together took three months of planning and preparataion which culminated in the gathering of four generations - eight remaining sons and daughters of 10 who Haji Abdul Hamid fathered, their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

The eldest is Haji Baharuddin who turned 78 on Saturday while the youngest is a 2-month old baby - the latest grandchild of the late Haji Abd Aziz, Haji Abdul Hamid's second child.

The two-day event kicked off with a tahlil and a "cukur jambul" ceremony on Saturday and a telematch on Sunday.

The chairman of the family day, Haji Ramli Haji Abdul Hamid - the fourth child of Haji Abdul Hamid - said he was grateful and happy that family members made the effort to attend especially the younger generation.

"I hope this will be a start for them to get to know each other better and forge closer ties. It will be great if they could share stories and inspire each other," he said.

He proudly pointed out that among Haji Abdul Hamid's descendants, there are teachers, businessmen, lawyers and engineers. In fact, they are especially proud of Dr Ezani Monoto Md Monoto - the daughter of Haji Abdul Hamid's third daughter - who is vying to be the first winner of cooking competition Masterchef Malaysia.

Haji Ramli hopes to organise another family day next year.

Read more: 4 generations meet up in Batu Kikir - General - New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/local/general/4-generations-meet-up-in-batu-kikir-1.24372##ixzz1hj5LO7aK

Friday, 9 December 2011

Ever wish for a Photo-Free Vacation?

See the photo of those ferry tickets up there? It is the only photo of the trip I recently took to Pangkor Island with the family -- we went for the school holidays.

And why is it the ONLY picture I have, you might ask. Because my BlackBerry DIED on me! okay, okay..to be fair, it did not like die totally. The screen just decided it too needed a vacation (someone said I overused my Baby Torchy... I do not! I'm just popular in the mobile world...hold the boos please..!!)

You're probably thinking: why didn't she bring a camera then. Yes, as many of my friends would know, I am a proud owner of a Nikon DSLR who hasn't gone past auto mode despite having the camera for more than a year (fail..as, my daughter would put it). But I figured with all but one family member owning a phone with camera, why bring the clunky thing? Then it happened...

First, it was a blue flicker here and there. Then it went blank sporadically. Take out the battery, said my BBM group members.. I did and Baby Torchy gave me some false hope for a bit. Then when we were about to land on Pangkor Island, it went poof!

And there I was with a BB making all manner of sounds: incoming SMS, BBM alerts, Facebook updates - but absoloutely nothing to look at. I must have missed more than half of what the whole of KL was gossiping..errrr..updating each other about!!

And other members of the family? They were on holiday and no one was bugging them to pose here and there..they were literally in heaven!

Once I got back to KL, I went to Brighstar BB service centre in Plaza Berjaya the first free moment I had. I thought they'd give me a replacement to use while Baby Torchy went to Singapore to get fixed (she's still under warranty) but NO! They wouldn't give me one.

So, I marched to the next mobile phone booth with my 3G SIM card and demanded to buy the cheapest phone they had - there was a RM69 Auntie phone, they said. I said: don't you have one for RM50 and tried to persuade the chubby salesman to do away with his commission. Another NO..

That was that then.. since Baby Torch is still away, I am now a proud owner of a GSM Auntie phone which still has its see-through screen cover on (am thinking of selling it second hand on Mudah). I can only make and receive calls and write and read text. No bluetooth..nothing else nada.. don't BBM me, y'hear!!

Not till Baby Torch make her way back to me.. I miss u, babeh!!

By the way, we stayed at Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort on Pasir Bogak.. I liked it..