Saturday, 7 May 2011

H is for Homework

Just the other day, one of my buddies put up a status update on FB  that read: "Help! Daughter's homework not finished coz printer ink ran out. Am so stressed out". The daughter is around 10 or 11, and it was almost 11pm - way past daughter's bed time. Homework has to be submitted the next day and stores are closed.

I couldn't help but chuckle -- not because I found it funny (in fact, it was not funny at all...), but because my friend was in a situation many mothers could find themselves in - including yours truly.

These days homework is all about surfing the Net , making brochures using all sorts of applications, powerpoint presentations and whatnot. And going by experience of those before them, kids these days ALSO wait till the very last minute to complete.

Kids in urban areas are lucky that many households have computers - mine for example, have one for the two kids to share and one spare for backup. Just in case one fails, the other will kick in. There's also the need to have broadband connection - it won't do to send the kids of to the local cybercafe - often  seedy joints with unsavoury characters. So, we invest in broadband..but as we all know, often times when you have the crucial project or paper to hand in, the network is down..for maintenance they say. Or they get so laggy that nothing can be done.

The resident teenager in my household, for one, often waits for me to assist in the last lap of her it printing the brochure on a 100g paper that won't fit in my home printer or wanting to have a presentation be printed in all colour when there is only black ink. Though I kick up a fuss and she gets an earful when it is a last minute request, I do the best I can by driving her top the nearest stationery shop to get things done even though it's just minutes before closing time.

Imagine those others who don't have such facilities. I mean, I do not live a luxurious life and I consider a PC, printer and broadband a necessity. For those who are without, how do they cope?  How do such parents cope with the expectations and demands?  That's certainly food for thought, wouldn't you say, especially as we celebrate this year's Mothers Day..


  1. Well said! Rural and suburban parents have slightly different challenges, I believe.

  2. and I hope the challenges are noted..