Friday, 23 September 2011

The World Has Indeed Changed!

Read with interest this morning the Cisco Connected World Technology Report 2011 that probed what the next-generation thinks about the Internet. Some of the key findings to both my amusement and chagrin...

·         Air, Water, Internet: One of every three college students and employees surveyed globally (33%) believes the Internet is a fundamental resource for the human race – as important as air, water, food and shelter. About half (49% of college students and 47% of employees) believe it is “pretty close” to that level of importance. Combined, four of every five college students and young employees believe the Internet is vitally important as part of their daily life’s sustenance.
·         Life’s Daily Sustenance: More than half of the respondents (55% of college students and 62% of employees) said they could not live without the Internet and cite it as an “integral part of their lives.”
·         The New Way to Get Around: If forced to make a choice between one or the other, the majority of college students globally – about two out of three (64%) – would choose an Internet connection instead of a car.
·         First Love: Two out of five college students surveyed globally (40%) said the Internet is more important to them than dating, going out with friends, or listening to music.
·         Social Life 2.0: Whereas previous generations preferred socializing in person, the next generation is indicating a shift toward online interaction. More than one in four college students globally (27%) said staying updated on Facebook is more important than partying, dating, listening to music, or hanging out with friends.

What have we created..?

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