Monday, 31 December 2012

Life is like Goreng Pisang

I love goreng pisang (or some people like to use pisang goreng - grammar-wise, I'm not too sure tho). It is Malaysia's favourite street food - you can have them for breakfast, with morning cofee, hardly with lunch and always for tea..sometimes supper (ada orang makan tengah-tengah malam, okay..).

But if too much, it is a calorie time-bomb. A colleague once told me she piled on a tonne because she was a serial goreng pisang eater. But after she cut off the habit, she became her present svelte self.

Anyway, this picture is my last piece for 2012. I'm swearing off any in 2013. No more spur of the moment binges for me. Even if I walk into the office canteen and there are fresh, crispy, oil-drenched ones from the stove.

I shall be more thoughtful in my food intake and more reflective in whatever decisions I make. It's time to be more serious (*gasp*), more analytical, more...errr..more of  all things good.

Sounds like a good New Year resolution? Come stroke of midnight, we'll see..hehe.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Feels like Avatar

I am sitting here in my office, this Christmas eve. I don't celebrate so it's okay. The office feels empty tho coz from what I can see from facebook, half of KL and the rest of the country are down south trying to get into Legoland. Nasib baik i dah pergi awal-awal..

For those who are stuck with no tickets, I have a suggestionfor you. If you have your passport on you, take the second link (Tuas) and go across the border and see the Supertrees. It's at the Marina in Gardens By The Bay. The whole setting is like a scene out of the movie Avatar (where all the characters were blue in the alien setting..remember?).


Apparently, these trees measure  up to 16 storeys in height. The info says they can be found all around the Gardens - twelve at the Supertree Grove, while the remaining six are placed in clusters of threes at the Golden and Silver Gardens.

You can see the spectacular light show with the Marina Bay Sands in the background.

And if you get hungry, like JR here, you can catch a bite at onsite eateries that range from posh to fastfood.

A brilliant way to chill, really!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Hot Chicks

In this day and age of shopping at supermarkets and hypermarkets, I have noticed many people (younger people, that is) do not actually know the sources of their burgers and nuggets - that the food products actually come from animals like chicken and cattle. I got to know this first-hand when my son JR was 4-years old - during a trip to our kampung for a kenduri.

The kenduri was held at my uncle's, who reared chickens as a hobby. When we told JR, that the two-legged creatures were what he actually eats in KFC, you should have seen the incredulous look on his face. And he spent the whole afternoon, chasing after them - trying to get a closer look.

The fascination resurfaced recently. While watching a morning show on TV together one morning, we saw a clip on MAHA International 2012, which is Malaysia's leading biennial agricultural show held in Serdang, Selangor. It featured these neat luxury chicken coops (if you can call them that) that looked so cool that we had to go and see. JR and me persuaded the Teenager and MrA that although there were thousands of visitors every day during the show,  this was one trip that we should make.

We got there on the last Saturday of the week-long show. Although we arrived at 10am, which was when the gates were opened, there were already a gazillion other people who were already there. After parking our car, we found that we had to queue to get on the various modes of transportation that would take us to whichever part of the show we wanted to see.

Of course, we were there for the chickens and the chicken coops, so we went straight for the livestock section..
MrA taking a pix of himself in front of a premium lodging. Note the priced rooster lives on the upper floor.

I suppose this would be a standard room.

This one I liked.

JR overwhelmed..and also wilting in the heat..
 Told you the chicken coops were something else!

Translation: Caution! Fierce chicken..


Very expensive, these are..
 We also saw rabbits. But we couldn't go near coz JR couldn't stand their smell.

As we were there for the chickens, we were done pretty quick.

The Teenager and JR having drinks at one of the many stalls available.

An impression of..what else.. a chicken.

Phew..thank goodness for cold drinks.
Well, here's another tick on our school holiday activity list. MAHA..been there, done that!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Legoland Part 3 comes the final episode of my Legoland trilogy. After this, should anyone want my opinion or take on Legoland Malaysia (eeeee, so perasan, right...), do refer to these postings.

Anyway, IMHO, the highlight of the 30-heactare theme park - or centrepiece, as one English daily rightly reports - is Miniland. It consists of several Asian landmarks painstakingly built mostly by local model builders. They used 30 million Lego bricks. Just writing that made me go cross-eyed!

Now, if you ever had the experience of "helping" your child build a Lego structure (the more complex ones), you would appreciate the effort put into Miniland. (MrA has had first-hand experience in doing this and is nodding furiously here, as i write this hehe)

Anyway, here are some photos the Teenager and I took in Miniland..

Neat, huh? When you go to Legoland Malaysia, do spend some time to see each and every model landmark built. They each have their own story and some are down right funny/interesting.


Monday, 10 December 2012

Legoland Part 2

The minute the gates of Legoland opened, we stepped in. Didn't wait to pose with the mascot.. MrA, me , the Teenager and JR turned right - past the Stroller/Wheelcair rental and Lost Parents station. And stopped for a family portrait in front of the Xmas tree.

Like most other parents, we headed for the driving school first so that JR could get his license (he had been aiming for that).

Next was Legoland Express to get an overview of the whole park.

After that, it was the Rescue Academy where all four of us got on a fire engine (muat!) and raced against 3 other fire engines to put out a fire. I was the official photographer so they did all the work hehe..

At the Land of Adventure we rode in the Lost Kingdom Adventure, the very wet Dino Island, and stopped for a break at Pizza Mania which was hidden behind some giraffes. There is a surau next to Pizza Mania.

For a bit of rest, there was a 4D Theatre to watch Lego movies (what else!).

Lego Kingdoms was next where MrA escorted the Teenager on the Dragon, a roller coaster. JR and me decided not to do that but we did a smaller version of the ride, the Dragon Apprentice.

And of course, the kids had a bout of Lego brick building at Build&Test. Here, they can stack up buildings and see if the structures can withstand earthquakes. Kids can also build race cars and check their effectiveness in terms of speed.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Legoland Part I

This is a continuation from my previous post...

After an early night at Tune Hotel Danga Bay, we (yours truly, MrA, the teenager and JR) were up at the crack of dawn on Wednesday as we wanted to make sure we beat the crowd getting to Legoland. We had breakfast at a nearby cafe - lontong, nasi lemak, mee hoon - to power up. As advised by my friend Zainal MY, we took the highway behind the hotel towards Kota Iskandar and Tuas. There were signages in brown pointing to Legoland all the way.

Legoland can be seen from the highway and is hard to miss. As we got there 10min before 9am, we got to park the nearest to the entrance. There were only 3 cars there.

We literally had the place to ourselves (save for some other people) apa lagi.. posing lah..

When the clock hit 9am, MrA quickly went to the ticket counter to get tickets. The lady behind the counter said Malaysians get RM30 off, which is better than online purchase.

We were lucky that MrA's friend gave us Shell vouchers that took RM40 off for each ticket. So, we used that one. At the ticket booth, there was this weather disclaimer.

So, we're finally ready to go but alas, the gates open at 10am.

What to to do then.. go check out the next-door mall: the Mall of Medini.

And the Legoland Hotel..which will open in 2014.

And wait some more..

Finally, it's time to line-up at 9:55am and get ready for fun, fun, fun!

That's all for the time being.. I'll story you about what happened next in my next posting.