Saturday, 14 May 2011

Of Celeb Moms and Babes..

In my line of work, I bump into celebs and "famous" (an arguable term, indeed) people quite a lot. No..I don't claim to be bosom buddies with any and no, they don't really know me personally either. I'm just a media person most of the time. And meeting people in such categories is normally just another day's work for me...

But last week, I had an experience that left me quite starstruck. I went to the launch of a new e-store, BuggyBabyBoogie.

So, you may think, there're gazillions of websites selling baby stuff on the Net. But not many helmed by local TV personality and supported by celeb moms.. This particular one is helmed by Sheahnee Iman Lee of ntv7 news and hubs Naz.

And...?? (You're thinking..)

Well, the story is the e-store originated from Sheahnee and Naz's quest for the perfect playpen for their little Zara..a journey that took them to Australia (online).
The pain of getting it shipped over and the cost involved got Sheahnee thinking she could do this. She could set up  a store that carries hard-to-find items in Malaysia for moms and babes for like-minded parents.

Then as she brainstormed, Sheahnee thought why not take the idea further. Why not design clothes for pregnant and breastfeeding women. After all, those available here are not exactly flattering and very mumsified (that's my own word..howdya like it?). So, out came sketches of sexy mom dresses with strategic zippers that would cater to discrete feeding times.
Sheahnee with her line of mom dresses.

Daphne Iking wearing one of Sheahnee's creations at the event.

Other than that, Sheahnee decided to revamp the diaperbag. She got friends - celeb moms in their own rights - Sazzy Falak, Daphne Iking and Aishah Sinclair to design their dream diaperbags which will be available on the e-store soon.
Daphne, Sheahnee and Aishah doing a diaperbag demo.

While I was sitting through the whole show-and-tell, I was thinking to myself how do these celebs do it? They all have carried and are carrying their bundles of joy but it doesn't seem they are carrying any battle know what I mean? I guess, that's why they are who they are and people like yours truly are who we are...*sigh*

Anyway, there are lots of other interesting stuff in the e-store, really. Take the milk bracelet, for instance.  These can actually be used to tell from which breast was your baby fed and at what time last. (I know, guys..too much info here!)

Sheahnee already has customers logging on from all over Malaysia and she wants to take the store regional. With market pull she and hubs and support from her friends, I'm sure it'll happen..and quite soon too.

**This is version 2 of this entry. The first went half missing after some editing.


  1. And (I'm thinking...) thanks so much for sharing this :-) Hope you enjoyed our launch and looking forward to your article on May 16th!

  2. Thanks, Sheahnee..It was an enjoyable experience for me :)