Sunday, 9 December 2012

Legoland Part I

This is a continuation from my previous post...

After an early night at Tune Hotel Danga Bay, we (yours truly, MrA, the teenager and JR) were up at the crack of dawn on Wednesday as we wanted to make sure we beat the crowd getting to Legoland. We had breakfast at a nearby cafe - lontong, nasi lemak, mee hoon - to power up. As advised by my friend Zainal MY, we took the highway behind the hotel towards Kota Iskandar and Tuas. There were signages in brown pointing to Legoland all the way.

Legoland can be seen from the highway and is hard to miss. As we got there 10min before 9am, we got to park the nearest to the entrance. There were only 3 cars there.

We literally had the place to ourselves (save for some other people) apa lagi.. posing lah..

When the clock hit 9am, MrA quickly went to the ticket counter to get tickets. The lady behind the counter said Malaysians get RM30 off, which is better than online purchase.

We were lucky that MrA's friend gave us Shell vouchers that took RM40 off for each ticket. So, we used that one. At the ticket booth, there was this weather disclaimer.

So, we're finally ready to go but alas, the gates open at 10am.

What to to do then.. go check out the next-door mall: the Mall of Medini.

And the Legoland Hotel..which will open in 2014.

And wait some more..

Finally, it's time to line-up at 9:55am and get ready for fun, fun, fun!

That's all for the time being.. I'll story you about what happened next in my next posting.