Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tune in..

After planning for so long, the family and I finally went down south for the school holiday. Instead of the guesthouse in Larkin that we initially booked, we went to Tune Hotel in Danga Bay instead.

It was a good choice in terms of location as we were planning to go to Legoland. It's right next to the highway that leads to Tuas and Kota Iskandar. We booked a quad room for two nights that came with airconditioning for RM300. A quad room is actually two connecting rooms: one with a double bed and one with two twin beds. Added on were the wifi and TV (only in one room). All in all it came up to RM380 for TWO nights. Very basic with space enough for the beds and no wardrobe whatsover..just some place for hangers. But we were not there to lounge about in the rooms. Okay what?

On the evening of our arrival, my friend from uni days Mr Zainal MY came over and took us out for dinner. He just came back from Hong Kong that morning but was kind enough to entertain.

Zainal wanted to take us for authentic Johor Mee Rebus and stuff but the place was closed. So he took us to another at Kampung Melayu Majidee. Mee Rebus was good and there was this steam boat aka soup dish that was delish. Apart from regaling us with tales of his recent travels, he shared with us the complexities of JB roads and highways..which proved to be useful for our trip the next day. No more straight roads for JB, it's all flyovers and u-turns if you miss your turn!

On the way back to KL two days after, we stopped by Ayer Hitam (or rather I insisted) to check out the Claytan showroom and factory outlet. This is quite a well-kept secret - one shared by my dear schoolmate DrRosz who has a practice in Skudai. When I was there, a group of minah salleh from Singapore just finished doing their borong for Xmas makan crockery and dishes. Tho I don't know much about dishes and stuff, I got some too at a steal.. :))

Needless to say, I was one happy gal coming back to KL.

Ok, will update on the Legoland trip. It was tremendous fun.. Stay tuned!


  1. rasa mcm nak bukak travel agency la

  2. boleh tu..for friends cheap-cheap, okay :)