Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Legoland Part 3

Phew...here comes the final episode of my Legoland trilogy. After this, should anyone want my opinion or take on Legoland Malaysia (eeeee, so perasan, right...), do refer to these postings.

Anyway, IMHO, the highlight of the 30-heactare theme park - or centrepiece, as one English daily rightly reports - is Miniland. It consists of several Asian landmarks painstakingly built mostly by local model builders. They used 30 million Lego bricks. Just writing that made me go cross-eyed!

Now, if you ever had the experience of "helping" your child build a Lego structure (the more complex ones), you would appreciate the effort put into Miniland. (MrA has had first-hand experience in doing this and is nodding furiously here, as i write this hehe)

Anyway, here are some photos the Teenager and I took in Miniland..

Neat, huh? When you go to Legoland Malaysia, do spend some time to see each and every model landmark built. They each have their own story and some are down right funny/interesting.


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