Monday, 10 December 2012

Legoland Part 2

The minute the gates of Legoland opened, we stepped in. Didn't wait to pose with the mascot.. MrA, me , the Teenager and JR turned right - past the Stroller/Wheelcair rental and Lost Parents station. And stopped for a family portrait in front of the Xmas tree.

Like most other parents, we headed for the driving school first so that JR could get his license (he had been aiming for that).

Next was Legoland Express to get an overview of the whole park.

After that, it was the Rescue Academy where all four of us got on a fire engine (muat!) and raced against 3 other fire engines to put out a fire. I was the official photographer so they did all the work hehe..

At the Land of Adventure we rode in the Lost Kingdom Adventure, the very wet Dino Island, and stopped for a break at Pizza Mania which was hidden behind some giraffes. There is a surau next to Pizza Mania.

For a bit of rest, there was a 4D Theatre to watch Lego movies (what else!).

Lego Kingdoms was next where MrA escorted the Teenager on the Dragon, a roller coaster. JR and me decided not to do that but we did a smaller version of the ride, the Dragon Apprentice.

And of course, the kids had a bout of Lego brick building at Build&Test. Here, they can stack up buildings and see if the structures can withstand earthquakes. Kids can also build race cars and check their effectiveness in terms of speed.


  1. why am i not excited with legoland? :)

    1. Legoland is not really about the rides but rather the association of playing with Lego bricks. My kids relate the experience with how complex it is to build those buildings and structures. And online there are Lego games that they play as well as chracters that can be seen in the 4D movies shown. I guess u have to be familiar with or are Lego fan. Like when u got to Universal studios, most of us are already familiar with the movies on which the rides are based on..

    2. aku dulu-dulu susah, manalah mampu nak beli lego ni semua *terus kesat air mata*