Saturday, 22 February 2014

Our Cat Visit

So planned your Cuti-Cuti Malaysia already? It's Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and I reckon there is no better time to explore our own country than the present! If you tak ada idea nak pegi mana, I would like to suggest Kuching (yes... Cat City itself) in Sarawak for your next free and easy family vacation destination.

Mr A, the 2 kids and I actually had our first vacation in Kuching last year during the December school holidays. Though Air Asia had numerous offers throughout the year, we finally bought tickets from one of Malaysia Airlines deal of the day. Imagine, for around RM1,000 we got seats, meals, 20kg luggage each and flew from KLIA (instead of LCCT) to Kuching. Good deal huh.. go trawl the Internet and the site once in a while.

Anyway,  the flight took off about half past three on a Sunday afternoon and we landed nice and easy at Kuching International Airport at a little past 5pm despite the fact it was rainy season. The weather was kind.

For transport, we decided to rent a car at the airport itself despite reading advise fromn other blogs on whom to rent cars from and checking out online car rental services. Mr A actually placed a booking online but the fella didn't turn up pon! So we rented a Proton Saga Auto outside the arrival gate. The asking price was RM150 but since we were there for 3 nights, we got it for RM120 per day.

We didn't take our GPS but instead relied on Google Map on our phones to get us to our destination. 

Our destination was Arriva Gateway Kuching. I initially searched the hotel portals like and agoda, but because it was school holidays, it was hard to get the type of accommodation we wanted. So, biasalah.. check the Internet with keywords like "hotel apartment", "riverside" and "family", I got what I wanted from the hotel website itself. A 2-bedroom apartment with breakfast included with superb location.

Our apartment even had a kitchenette with working stove, plates, pots and utensils, fridge, microwave, electric kettle and all. Not bad for a price of RM350++ per night.Too bad the washing machine rosak though the dryer was in good condition.  The hotel is event connected to Top Spot, a famous and cheap seafood place in Kuching!

We had dinner tepi sungai on our first night. It was laksa sarawak which was fantastically delicious - tak pernah rasa sesedap tu kat semenanjung. Walking distance from the hotel but we took the car since we were not familiar with the place. Google Map helped too. 

Despite buskers aplenty, for the first day, we had an early night. We had a lot of things planned for the next day. But that would be another story...


  1. harap-harap sambungan dia cepat publish :)

  2. Apartment looks lovely! Tak pernah terfikir nak visit east Malaysia, should do it someday! Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Mazni, truly enjoyable and different from Semenanjung. Thanks for reading!