Friday, 26 December 2014

Drive-thru Dessert

Is it still raining out there? Am wishing for brighter days - especially with all this news on floods in affected areas around the country.

On a normal sunny day, my favourite dessert would be cendol. Though considered local all throughout Malaysia, cendol - a traditional dessert - is also apparently popular in the rest of Southeast Asia, namely in countries  like Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma. 

Cendol is made up of jelly noodles made from rice flour with green food colouring derived from the pandan leaf, shaved ice and palm sugar -- all that drowned in coconut milk, One can add on other ingredients such as as red beans, tapai (fermented glutinous rice), grass jelly, creamed corn, and even a dash of durian. Ooohh, just writing all that is making me crave for some.


Anyway, one of the more famous places to get cendol is this drive-thru in Kampung Assam near Kuala Selangor,  which I had the opportunity to visit with my family at the start of the school holidays. It's called Cendol Bakar.  We came through the Bukit Rotan road to get there. Located next to a petrol pump station, the stall doesn't look like much at 11am.  But we were adamant to try the food after all the stories we've heard about it.

Bakar in English is burn but I don't think they burn anything much in their recipe here unless it's some secret ingredients. Read in a news article that Bakar comes from the owner's grandpa's name. Hmmm.. We had Cendol Biasa and Cendol Durian and scrumptious giant curry-puffs. Verdict - Yumms!!!

Many have given their thumbs up to this eatery.

See those empty bowls... may seem small but sooo satisfying. (Don't mind the reluctant people in the picture.. camera shy laaa)

Well, should you wish to pay Cendol Bakar a visit, here are the details:
Cendol Bakar Assam Jawa Kuala Selangor.
No 1196 Bt 1, Kg Assam Jawa,
Jalan Bukit Rotan, K. Selangor. 10am - 7pm on weekends

Am told Cendol Bakar also has branches in Port Dickson and Melaka. Go have a try!

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