Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Eat your heart out, Imelda...!

So, who's Imelda?
The one I'm referring to is, of course, former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos. A former beauty queen (lots of past tense here..), she reputedly had in her collection 3,000 plus pair of shoes.

Not in anyway in her league, I just added 4 more pairs today. No, no.. no designer ones like the lady I mentioned. But just footwear I got from Payless Shoesource in Sunway Pyramid.

Why 4 pairs you may ask (or rather MrA would ask with his voice probably going shrieky). Well, because the ones I bought were all from the Dexflex Comfort Claire range which is so super comfortable for my very "difficult" feet . I first discovered the range when I visited Chicago last year for a conference. That was my maiden visit to Payless..I never studied in the US so hence.. so I got 2  pairs then.

These are Dexflex Comfort Claire on display at the storefront. And they had loads of em. And sizes went up to 11 for women. Fantastic huh?

These are the ones I got...

They had a buy 1 and get the second at 50% off offer which ends Aug 26. There was also a 35% off offer for DiGi customers. I opted for the second one so my purchase came to below RM250 (which is very, very good).

As they say, if the shoe fits...!!

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  1. Love them shoes! They look super comfy! Justifiedlah beli 4 pairs!