Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Lil Helper

LOL. If my son saw the title of this post, he would kill me. In his opinion, he is neither little (which is true...) and..well, the helper part should be okay cause he does do his chores when assigned to them.

Anyway, I roped him in to help me do a review of the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 for Kids recently. Why? Because it's for KIDS.. and I'm an ADULT. And I felt he would have a better "feel" for the product. Wouldn't you agree?

The review was published in the New Straits Times and can be read here.

I actually enjoyed the collaboration. Hopefully he did too.. ;-)

LAB REVIEW: A tablet for tots... and the family
By Rozana Sani

In addition to providing an intuitive and fun user-experience, a tablet with an interchangeable interface grows with a child, writes Rozana Sani
.DO you get anxious when your toddler grabs your tablet and starts leaving his fingerprints all over it? Bet you are biting your nails and suppressing the desire to grab it back, but you’d rather not create a scene.
Well, you could get the little one his very own tablet. How about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids, which features a 7.0-inch display, offering portability and handling designed for younger users?
Packaged in a colourful box, unwrapping it is exciting for both parent and child. Designed for those aged 3 to 9, the tablet is a cheerful yellow and the combo comes with a matching yellow and green protective case with a handle and an easy-to-grip C Pen, a kid version of a stylus.
It is easy to slot in the tablet into the case and the string attached to the C Pen ensures that you won’t lose it. The handle of the case is adjustable, providing an option to use it as a stand at various angles. So a child can lie down on his front on a sofa and have the tablet on a stand facing him.
With 1.2GHz dual processor, 1GB RAM, 3–megapixel rear-facing camera and 1.3–megapixel front-facing camera, Galaxy Tab 3 Kids has the power and performance you expect from a Samsung Galaxy tablet, designed to provide children with an exciting and interactive experience.
To begin the experience, turning on the tablet will bring you to a registration page where you can sign up your child as the owner. That way, whenever the tablet is switched to child mode, the first screen is a welcome page with your child’s name on it. The user interface is bright and colourful with the main preloaded apps lined up card-style on the screen. The size of the “cards” makes it easy for even the youngest of children to swipe the device.
The selling point of this RM799 WiFi–only device is its safety features and educational tools.
The Application Manager allows parents to select and control the apps their children have access to. The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids also includes a Time Management feature that allows parents to set specific time periods for usage up to a maximum of two hours. When the designated usage time is up, a password protected lock screen appears, requiring a parent or adult to enter the password to unlock the device.
App-wise, preloaded content is available across three categories — Education, Creativity and Games. There is a Kid’s Store where more apps can be downloaded either free or for a fee.
To see how the device pans out in terms of usage, I enlisted the help of the only child in my household who, at 10, has unfortunately has passed the age (3 to 9) the device is intended for. But I figured he would do as co-reviewer.
The first app he tried was the drawing app. There were enough tools, effects and colours on the palette to keep him occupied. The C-Pen came in useful with a good grip for drawing and colouring. The pictures can be saved and emailed or stored in a scrapbook on the device.
The Kid’s Camera was a hit. There is a set of accessories to turn pictures of himself into portraits of pirates, cats, tigers etc. It is indeed a fun app to play around with friends.
As for the other apps, my co-reviewer said that they would be more appealing to pre-schoolers and kindergartners — which is where the ability to change the interface from Kid’s Mode to Standard Mode comes in handy.
The Application Manager enables those with the password to change the interface to the normal tablet interface, making the device a shareable one for all in the family. This means the tablet can transform as the child grows.
All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids is a good gift for a child and it will get him off tablets and devices meant for adults.
However, for RM799, it should at least come with a SIM card slot so that it can run on a data plan. It will truly be a more useful device with that feature.

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