Monday, 24 February 2014

Checking out the Culture Club!

Here's part 2  of  our family's maiden Sarawak visit (just in case you're wondering apa hujung pangkal cerita ni), which we had last December.

Now, before I start -- a little Geography: Sarawak is the biggest State in Malaysia. With just 4 days and 3 nites to our family vacation, it is quite impossible to cover the vast State and its many ethnic groups. So, the next best thing is to visit the Sarawak Cultural Village.

We woke up early on Monday morning took the drive to Damai where the village is located, some 32km from Kuching. The drive was pretty interesting because we didn't know what to expect. But we knew we were near when we saw Gunung Santubong which was a sight to behold. (Sorry no pictures... but oh, a liitle note, we past by some sekolah berasrama on our way and numerous KFCs on our way.)

We arrived at about 10.00am, just as the ticket counter opens. Here's an excerpt from the tourism department about the centre:

"Known as the 'Living Museum', the Cultural Village was set up to preserve and showcase Sarawak's cultural heritage.  Sprawled across 17 acres, there are about 150 people living in the village, demonstrating traditional daily activities from Sarawak's diverse tribes like the processing of sago and the making of handicrafts. They wear traditional costumes and also put on dances for visitors."

Got more pictures from the Sarawak Cultural Centre and the rest of our Kuching trip. Will share more!

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