Friday, 27 December 2013

Bear With Me...

When I was in Chicago earlier this year for BIO 2013 (courtesy of BiotechCorp Malaysia), I had the chance to jalan-jalan a bit around the Windy City with a cool group of journalists and chaperons I was with. One of the places we went to was Navy Pier which sits on the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

There we stumbled on a shop called Build-A-Bear Workshop. Now this is one place that even if you're not into soft toys, you'll be dying to get one. You can get to customise your teddy bear by choosing the outer skin, customise the filling (nak keras ke, lembut ke, sesedap sepemeluk ke..).

After you have your teddy bear all sewn up, you could buy him or her clothes and accessories... so cute. And get this, the teddy bear gets a birth cert too so that there is only one of him or her that belongs to only you..awww...

I didn't get one coz there was no room for one in my luggage. But two of our party got theirs.. for their kids they say.. hmmmm.

Isn't it a lovely idea?? A beary wonderful one, right?

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