Friday, 23 November 2012

It's James Bond!..*swoon*...

After months of not updating this blog, I'm finally back with a posting on the latest Bond flick - Skyfall. (Yes, yes..I can see you rolling your eyes and also yawning away.. so lambat this akak..half the world has seen it already and baru nak komen??)

Just so you know, I saw Skyfall a week before its official release in cinemas, so there. And I must say I enjoyed it immensely. (I don't know about my viewing partner tho..)

Daniel Craig is back in this 23rd adventure of the longest-running film franchise of all time. You either love Ian Fleming's James Bond 007, or you don't. With Craig playing the lead role, I absoloutely love him. Craig is the best Bond ever. Even Bond alumni Roger Moore agrees.

I won't bore you with the plot but suffice to say the movie portrays a more human Bond and explores the issues of relationship, loyalty, betrayal..with one's boss or employer (err...sounds familiar for some?).

Anyway, while watching the film, despite the girls and (so-so) violence..I just couldn't shake the feeling this is one geeky movie. And a galore for product placement. For example, everything started when M's notebook got hacked.

You can see M, played by the wonderful Judi Dench, with a Sony Vaio and a tele-conference device (couldn't decipher the brand) here.
Then there was a scene with the new Q, played by the oh-so-cute Ben Whishaw, witnessing the M16 system's security being breached.
Of course, the cool crook cum former agent Silva - played by the ultra-cool Javier Bardem - also had his tech moment at the data centre in a no-longer inhabited island.

Anyway, there were many scenes that I loved in the movie. Come feast your eyes ;-)

Also don't forget the sultry theme song from Adele..

Am looking forward to the next James Bond movie in two years' time!

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