Sunday, 22 July 2012

Raya Goodies

Are you fasting today? (if you're not a muslim, this question doesn't count, okay..)

Now into the second day of Ramadan here in Kuala Lumpur - apart from the iftar and what to have for bersahur - many a household manager (read: mom or elder sisters etc...not discrimating the males here..) are already planning for Syawal. It's not so much of going over the top or anything -- ie. membazir -- it's just what people in this category do. Get organised..pronto!

Anyway, prior to Syawal, a number of people have approached me to help market their Raya Cakes and Cookies. Why? Probably because many people know that I love to eat and am very discerning :)

For instance, my Kak Ngah (cousin) for the third year running asked me to see if  I can get people interested in her Kek Kukus (steamed fruit cake).
The suggestion is probably prompted by the way I was gorging down her cakes at one Raya do at her place. Habis macam mana kalau dah sedap...?

Next is Awin, my sis-in-law's BFF, who hails from Sabak Bernam. "Kak, tunjuk sample rempeyek kat kawan-kawan yer.." and she promptly foisted on me a large plastic of samples (which now have been consumed).

Verdict: Light and crispy. Not the "patah gigi ku" variety. Thumbs up.

And this last request came as a surprise. As you may know, my cousin Ezani Monoto - Masterchef Malaysia Season 1 winner (haaaa name-dropping gitu ..) - is a close friend of Imelda Harris (also one Masterchef Malaysia Season 1 finalists - Top 10, I think). Turns out Imelda is selling home-made Sarawak Layer Cakes (aka Kek Lapis Sarawak). Tup-tup I was appointed as agent for this Raya (I can never say no to my favourite relatives and their friends..). So, this one you can also get from me...

More info can be seen at

Eh, sorrylah, this post has turned into an advertorial la pulak...
Anyway, if you are in the Klang Valley and interested to get these goodies for Raya, you know what to do (what..? contact me lah). Last date for order is on Friday, July 27.

Cepat..if not I'll have to eat all these on my own nanti..!!

PS// If you tak raya pun can still order maaaa..

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  1. Ada yang bertanya berapa lama tahan kek kukus ni?
    Kak Ngah kata kalau dibiar diluar (ie in room temperature), boleh tahun dalam 2 bulan. Tapi kalau didalam fridge - bukan freezer ye - boleh sampai 6 bulan.

    For the layer cake, Imelda says: " kek tu tahan 3 bulan if we keep it refrigerated.. if simpan kat luar.. tahan dlm 3 - 5 hari jer.. sebab the cake takde any preservation.. the best way to keep ur cake ialah bila nak simpan di dalam fridge potong siap siap size yg kecik.. jadi bila nak thaw the cake senang. In addition, bila nak makan.. pls allow the cake thaw for about an hour.. then boleh lah potong dan sedia di makan :)

    *note: kek kukus also has no preservatives.