Wednesday, 20 June 2012

First Time Doing USS

For every parent with schoolgoing children, the school holidays  is something we often get nervous about. Do I take my children someplace special (other than the slew of kenduri in the city, kampung and everywhere in between)?

For us, we finally succumbed to taking the kids to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) after hearing them relay tales of this classmate has gone, and that cousin has gone already for the gazillionth time. So, being the event and vacation planner (like many other mothers, I know) of course I went online to check out which hotels would suit our budget. Tickets to USS were also bought online so that we needn't queue up.

After starting out on a Sunday morning and stopping by in Johor Bahru for lunch, we checked into a Premier (family) room at York Hotel near the Mount Elizabeth hospital, which was about five minutes walk to Far East Plaza and the Grand Hyatt on Orchard road. This is good coz we could then catch the free shuttle service to USS.
All you gotta do is show the white immigration stubs in your passport to get on board. I think the bus comes half-hourly..but I could be wrong. Check the USS site.

Anyway, we got on the 9.18am pick-up the next day and promptly arrived at USS at around 10.00am. The carpark lanes leading to the where the bus stops look similar to the one in Genting Highlands - the management is the same ain't it?

We were one of the early birds and as we already had  our tickets printed out from the online purchase, we strolled in without having to line up. Our strategy for the day was to just follow where the route took us and line up for whatever ride or show we stumbled upon.

Of course,  we were looking forward to the much-publicised Transformers Ride. The line was 40 min long and the visuals and sounds that blared out at those queuing for the ride was somewhat frightening especially for younger kids. We had to help those good giant robots (errr what do you call them again??) to save the world from the decepticons (now the bad guys i know hehe) and all. Though just a simulation ride, it was pretty realistic and I actually felt like Megan Fox for a while there being flung here and there. Hahahahaaaa..!!

After the exhilirating ride, we cooled down by watching the B-Boyz on 5th Avenue New York. With some sporting people from the audience taking part, it was good fun.

None of us wanted to go on the Battlesar Galactica roller coaster - both blue and red lines.

But MrA managed to persuade the reluctant teenager to have a go. Can't tell yer friends you DIDN'T go on it, can you?? Me and the primary schooler just chilled and waved.. and bonded.

By 6.30pm we were done. Being a Monday, there were no parades. So we concentrated on souvenir shopping instead. Then we got the shuttle and went back to Grand Hyatt. Had KFC at Far East Plaza and promptly hit the sack after walking back to our hotel. The next day, we headed home.

All in all it was a good trip. Very focused..just the way we like it :)


  1. Thanks for the info. How much did you spend? For everything. Thanks

    1. Ila, for a family of 4 and it being holiday season - about RM2,500+. The hotel provided breakfast. The weather was so hot that we didn't really eat but mainly had a lot to drink hehe. Fastfood.. nothing extravagant.

  2. i am yet to visit USS. donch know when. then got Legoland some more. how?

  3. Very different genre the 2 theme parks, i wud say. Been to the legoland in denmark. Rides more for primary schoolers but what's more interesting is the lego bricks made into giant onstructions. Donno about the one in johor. We shall see...