Tuesday, 19 June 2012

30 Years of Friendship

a much delayed post..

On May 26, friends from my school batch met up to celebrate our 30 years of friendship. We've known each other since we were 12 (yes..you can count and find out my age) It all started with an invitation and this poem I wrote for the occassion:


Bisa kita ketemu lagi...?

Circa 1982
Our eyes met and smiles formed. A litle forced, a little unsure.
Some of us may have known each other already. And some we knew of.
But others were strangers..
All thrown into a little adventure that we were about to embark on

Ties of friendship were built
Painstakingly sometimes, breezily for some
We held each others' hands as we discovered more about ourselves
And of each other - the good, the bad, the ugly
All in good faith, always something new

At the basketball court in Block A, we said goodbye
For again we were to embark on another adventure
But without each other
We had progressed from friends to being sisters
Not just ties of friendship but bonds of love and acceptance
And always discovering new things about each other
And urging each other to new experiences
And wishing each other well

It's been 30 years but memories of that first meeting and following years linger
Memories of the innocence and purity of long-formed friendships beckon
Who might you be today, my friend, and who am I to you
For in my mind and in my heart, you are that sister who walked with me
Whispered with me and laughed with me during years gone by
I yearn to see you again and relive those days with you
And be forever young

a lot of fun and shrieking..just like old times. missed the people who were not there. love you guys always :)


  1. wah so clever meh can write poem some more. gambo mana? gambo?

  2. Cannot show everythg, u know

  3. brilliant poem ana, i'm hopeless at it! heard you guys had a blast, wish i could have been there!

  4. mazni.. it was truly dahsyat - happening abis!! semua nak bercakap sekali and jangan cerita lah the laughter hehe. we came at 11am and most left at close to 7pm. we missed u too..