Sunday, 6 May 2012

Avengers 2012: It's All About A Woman's Touch

Gasp! Another post from me.. I must really be twiddling my thumbs here, ey?? Well, actually it's called escapism but never mind that..

Anyway, today the juniors, the ole man and me caught the Avengers. Yes, all movies I watch now are classified as for family viewing..sigh..  Otherwise, I'll catch the watered down version of  whatever type of movies on Astro much later.

My take on the Avengers? I love all the gadgets and tech tools they have. Swipe this to there and pull this up into a virtual screen and what not.. syiok, I tell you. Otherwise, it's pretty much America against the Aliens. (During my teens it was Rambo against the rest of the world - what progress..)

Of course, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow was superb. Tho the cinema version I saw didn't really ponder on the Black Widow side of things (or maybe I wasn't paying attention)..

Now, here was a woman mean pretty much on top of things, getting things together, wheedling out all the secrets and actually having a plan while the men went on ego trips or are just too confused about themselves, their lives, their relationships.

Again, a woman saving the world. Hurray for women everywhere.

And by the way, Mother's Day is around the corner. Hurray for Moms too, especially mine who at 69 just had her second total knee replacement operation about a month ago. Now she's a superhero alright. And don't you go messing with her family and close ones cos she'll turn into an Avenger to be reckoned with!!

Would I recommend the movie? A tad lengthy at some points but in general, good for family bonding :)
Go watch!


  1. will have to go and watch tonight...

  2. watched it last nite, thanx for your recommendation! loved incredible hulk best, great acting! alhamdulillah for our moms' good health, mine's just turned 70, given all clear fr terminal illness for now and visiting me soon…take care ana...

    1. glad you liked it, zainal and mazni.

      syoknya, mazni, your mom coming to visit. may she have many, many happy moments more with her children and granchildren. savour the moments!