Sunday, 1 April 2012

If the shoes fit!

Haha..although today IS the 1st of April, this is NOT an April fool's joke. This is a real entry.

Anyway, this is not about today but rather what I did yesterday. I don't go out much (I shall not bore you with the trials and tribulations of a maidless, highly competitive mom with a career living in Kuala Lumpur..) but yesterday I made an exception. After being invited several times, I finally found myself going to an WEVents.

What's WEvents? It's WomenOnlyMENnotinvited social event for women, by women - founded by a someone I met through work who became a friend - a fantastic entrepreneur by the name of Jeanisha Wan. Anyway, she holds this events  bringing together working professional women for a fun time in a casual environment.

The one I went to with one of my bffs was themed Limited Edition and featured online boutiques Fashion Barrage, Caren Boutique and Dream Catcher.

Fashion Barrage had the most fantastic shoes - starting from five-inches onwards. Wedges, stilletos, pumps you name it. For a person who thinks 2.5inch is already daring, these shoes can only be drooled at. But  those who can conquer any heights (think Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice in a previous life), they look sexy and thrilling..

Caren Boutique sells limited edition high street clothers from Australia and US. More for smart casual for work that can turn casual for weekends or night outs.

And Dream Catcher sells designer bags. The owner came on to teach the rest of us how to identify genuine Longchamp designer bags. The real deal has leather handles and flaps, a YKK zipper with hard to find tiny numbers on it?

The highlight of the afternoon was when 7 volunteers came up to assemble a look out of the items the three virtual store owners brought to the event. They were given fruits to base their "look" on. I didn't volunteer coz not only I didn't dare to step into those shoes, I was somewhat challenged in other areas...err... Too bad though, coz whoever could assemble the best get-up got to bring the clothes and shoes home and a handbag too!

Just so you know, a very slim lady who based it all on a dragon fruit won. She looked lovely and her dressing sense was good.

It was great fun. (Note to self: to be a volunteer one needs to be of a certain dress size..) Thanks for the invitation. And if ever there is the same activity, I'll be prepared...

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