Sunday, 11 March 2012

One Night Down Under

Nope, I did not go to Australia recently. I just crossed over to Singapore for DEMO Asia 2012 (which is a Silicon Valley-based pitch fest for start-ups.. but you'll get to read that later when I finally sit down to write about it)

Anyway, I took a post-lunch midweek flight and was greeted by a limo driver who's father used to reside in SS2 PJ.. a pleasant chap called Nick who apprently misses his father's kampung quite bad. Never mind that.. a story for another day perhaps. When Nick looked at the address of the hotel - Park Avenue Rochester Drive - I was assigned to, he said it's pretty new..a bit out of the way but nice.

Out of the way meant opposite Nanyang Technology University - a part of Singapore that I haven't been to before. A few minutes drive to Orchard Road but longer if there's a jam. Park Avenue sits near a new centre called Biopolis (a biotech park). I was greeted by name by the receptionist at the front desk and was informed that I had been upgraded to a 1-bedroom suite. Free Net access some more and I didn't bring my laptop...

This is the living area and work desk between the living area and the kitchenette. Also can serve as dining table.

This is the bedroom. Tight but nicely arranged with a work desk near the glass window with a view of the university. Was on the 19th floor :)

Bathroom with connecting doors to the main living room area and a sliding door entry from the bedroom.

And a full equipped kitchen.

That evening, my host took my group and I to Straits Kitchen (lovely eating place) and we came back just in time for zzzzzz. had to wake up early and get to the conference hall by 8.15am. And I had to check out coz I was going straight to the airport after the sessions end for the day.

So, I didn't get to use the kitchen or the washing machine, or the door length fridge, or the cooker, or the bath tub. And although breakfast was just bread and coffee (ala European). I would recommend this place especially now that there's a $168++ promo (starting from and in Singapore dollars)

Such is my tale for this time. Always a glimpse and never quite living it..


  1. you must return someday with your family for holiday to actually 'live' in it, looks like a decent place altogether.